Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Hard Feelings?

From the day my father brought home the soundtrack album, to as recently as a few weeks ago, my love and support for THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, and the exemplary Los Angeles shadow cast Sins o' the Flesh that keeps it alive and Vegas fan-kicking every week, has not abated. When I still blogged with training wheels last year, I came out publicly as an unrepentant Rockhead. In full disclosure, I should add that despite the fact I have not worn so much as a shred of mesh and lace in the last ten years, I am a member in good standing of Sins o' the Flesh, a privilege that I hold quite dear.

This fall, the ambitious folk behind Sins o' the Flesh are marking the film's 35th Anniversary with a large-scale convention, taking place in Downtown L.A. September 23rd-25th, securing such so-hot-it-hurts venues as the downtown Standard Hotel and Club 740 to host convention events. And tonight at 7:30 PST, a webcast will go online announcing the first of what will be many high-profile convention guests. Lest one think this is the nerds-in-lingerie equivalent of "THE SIMPSONS" infamous Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con, it ain't. Personal friendships aside, the Sins crew are busting all protruding body parts to make this a world-class event. You can see an example of their hard work in this initial video promo, NQSFW:

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to create a small promotional piece for the convention. Taking into account the recent flame wars between the devotees of certain cult movie musicals, as well as my own ongoing battle with a specific film's fanbase, I decided to take a cue from this infamous instance of Super Bowl detente and craft a short message of peace and brotherhood for all midnight movie lovers:

Yes, the fellow in the bad suit and worse wig should look familiar.

So if you feel like bringing your Jack, knife, and spoon to L.A., here's where to get more information:

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