Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pimpin' My Pops

Today is the 72nd birthday of that Great American, Captain of Industry, Patron of the Arts, two-time invitee to the Bohemian Grove, and...uhh...oh yes, the guy who made me possible: my dad, Roger William Heuck. Last year, I marked the occasion with a retrospective on himself and the Heuck family that met with accolades beyond my wildest expectations. I don't think I can top what I wrote there in 2010: much like the fox auditioning for Porky Pig's talent agency, I can only do that trick once.

But it's a birthday and a son wants to show off pride in parenting. So considering that I spend a great deal of time flogging my own projects, and my father is a damned fine artist, the best thing I can do is stir up your interest in my dad's work. Now, unlike myself, he ain't exactly what you call a starving artist, though depending on the day's headlines you may get an earful from him about the havoc those pointy-headed intellectuals running the government are causing to his cashflow. But very like myself, he puts a lot of time and research into his work and takes great pride in it. And we both like to get a sale or two for our trouble.

So, here is a sampling of his body of art. And yes, all of these fine paintings can be purchased, and could be hanging in your own home right now. Imagine all the oohs and aahs of your friends when you tell them YES, that's a genuine Heuck in the house!

"Presidential Parlor"

"Day Lilies at Dusk"

"Immaculata Church Mt. Adams"

"Sunset & Sloop"

"Venice Aglow"

"Admiring Monet"

You can see many more images of his artworks that are in private collections, and get details on how to actually purchase these and others that are available, by visiting his website:

Happy Birthday, dad, and thank you for a lifetime of artistic encouragement and achievement.

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