Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gyno Rockers and Geek Reunions

Taking my liberties as this blog's proprietor to push, cajole, and noodge y'all into partaking of a couple recent endeavors of mine:

First, I am this week's guest co-host on the venerable Popcorn Mafia podcast alongside the rarely flapped boss of all things boss Grae Drake. Our guest critic this week is pop culture anthopologist, Kill Radio D.J., former BrandWeek blogger, and all-around minty fresh personality Becky Ebenkamp. You'll hear bad impressions, great recommendations, and lots of righteous girl power as we review two movies about girls with guitars: first the bright sugary fluff of JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS (2001), starring Rachael Leigh Cook, then the darker grittier punk pulp of BANDITS (1999), starring the hottest actress you didn't know you were infatuated with, Jasmin Tabatabai.

Click here for the episode

Second, hitting video store shelves today, or at least those video stores that aren't inundated with 5000 copies of DATE NIGHT, is the first-ever UNCUT DVD release of the '70's teenage Jekyll/Hyde thriller HORROR HIGH, which features a comedy commentary featuring myself with two other "BEAT THE GEEKS" alumni, King of TV Paul Goebel, and genial first-cycle host J. Keith van Straaten.

Filmed in Texas with former child star Pat Cardi, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 badass Austin Stoker, and various slumming football stars including Mean Joe Greene, this staple of the Crown International library has circulated on late night cable and cheap tapes for years in a watered-down cut with ridiculous "shot for TV" padding footage, but now finally arrives in the original R-rated cut. It's an effective lil' low-budget high school revenge fantasy, and the three of us take some playful but never disrespectful jabs at the movie on our audio track. Gather ye armies of couch potatoes, pizza, and beer, and sit down for good old Texas Kill 'Em action!

Enjoy listening to my voice this week - if that's the sort of thing you enjoy...

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