Thursday, May 20, 2010

Feeling irie about Ariel

Today is the birthday of blogger, scholar, archivist, lady of letters, and, as poet and screenwriter Ernie Cline once observed, the sexiest thing in the world - a woman who is smarter than you are - Ariel Schudson. Fellas, when you were at Comic-Con ogling the moonlighting import models in spandex who could barely feign interest in your nerdular nerdence, and ignoring poor Virgil's autograph booth, Ariel has been a respected guest panelist there four years in a row, presenting critical evaluations of the various permutations of Hellboy and Iron Man. She'll also school you on Sam Fuller, body tattoos, and professional wrestling...without having to change out of her Totoro slippers. While her family background may not quite make her Hollywood royalty, her ingrained love of the seven arts and devotion to their health and preservation certainly rank her among the landed gentry. And a knave like me is damned lucky to be able to call her a close friend.

Happy Birthday baby. In kino veritas.


  1. Just another knave checking in to say happy birthday, Ariel! I've only gotten to know you over the last year, but it's been a real pleasure. And yes, she is smarter than me, Marc-- good call! (Purtier too!) Thanks for giving this lady a lovely birthday showcase. See y'all tomorrow at TOMMY!

  2. Wow. Thanks guys...means a lot :)